Corris Railways Joins Us

We are welcoming a new member to the ‘Great Little Trains of Wales’ group, with the Corris Railway joining us. Making the GLTW’s Discount and Gold cards even better value and a must have for anyone intending to visit multiple railways during the year.

The railways that make up the Great Little Trains of Wales (GLTW) offer and an incredibly special way to journey through the very best scenery in the British Isles, on a historic narrow-gauge steam train. Each railway in our group share the same passion for history and their surroundings and takes pride in the charm of its old-time steam trains, polished paintwork and brass, but each railway also offers something a little quirky and different to passengers.

The inclusion of the ‘Corris Railway’ brings us to twelve members, and adds further prestige to this already world-renowned brand. We boast the oldest independent railway company in the world, vibrant and exciting railway heritage projects, and some of the most recognisable engines on the planet – including enthusiasts’ favourite, ‘Russell’.

GLTW Secretary, Ray Reid says:
“‘The Great Little Trains of Wales’ was started in 1970 to encourage visitors to come to Wales in general and to ride the narrow-gauge railways in particular. The addition of the Corris Railway to the existing eleven railways makes the GLTW’s Discount and Gold cards even better value and a must have for anyone intending to visit several of the railways during the year.”

The ‘Corris Railway’ is a 2’3” gauge railway, whose origins date back to the 1850’s. It was initially built to carry slate from the quarries at Corris Uchaf and Aberllefenni in the Dulas Valley. The railway ran until 1948, but preservation began in the 1960’s. Today it operates regularly with a mix of steam and diesel traction between Maespoeth and Corris, and has exciting plans to extend its operations.

Richard Hamilton-Foyn, Chairman of the Corris Railway says:
When the preservation of the Corris Railway started in 1966, the pioneer volunteers had nothing but one decrepit building to work on. Since then, we have purchased land, restored the infrastructure, laid track and built a completely new train with modern recreations of the original Corris Victorian carriages and a Corris steam locomotive. As we move into the next phase of the development of the railway with a second steam locomotive, a new station in Corris and a southern extension we are delighted to have been invited to join the GLTW organisation. We are ready to contribute to the future prosperity of all of the Great Little Trains here in Wales”.

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